OK, guys, I’ve got to back up and explain something that went down in our house last week. Chris discovered papier-mache. Fun, right? It was. And it continues to be in a bizarre way. See, to mix up papier-mache paste, you simply combine flour and water. Some of you may be aware that the same combination also creates a basic bread dough. Coincidence? Maybe. All I know is that the bread gods smiled upon us. The day after our¬†craftstravaganza there was some leftover papier-mache mix, and it was starting to bubble, like, yep, sourdough starter! So, now we have this lovely starter with roots in the arts (she’s so sophisticated). We’ve been feeding and babying this starter like a pet and in return have feasted on a couple of sourdough loaves, sourdough pancakes, and, last night, the best thing yet – popovers. Oh, popovers, how I love your eggy, airy texture. Never had them? Stop everything and follow this recipe.

popoverTruth be told, we ate them so fast that I didn’t even take a picture of the final product, so I had to borrow this one (image credit).¬†Believe me, though, they were beautiful and looked just like this image. They popped perfectly, were golden brown, had a crispy outside and a light, almost empty inside. Also believe me when I tell you that this result is not because I am some master of baking. On the contrary, my dears. This recipe is just really flippin’ easy, and that’s just fine with me.

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